Our Founder

At the helm of Wine & Only is director Julien Craeye. A native of Troyes, the historic Capital of Champagne, Julien’s young life was spent immersed in the rich wine heritage of the region. Raised just a few cobblestoned streets from the famous vineyards and original manors of the Champagne Counts, Julien has experienced the very best of the province.

“Where I come from, you start drinking Champagne at a young age – we don’t drink it to necessarily celebrate something, but when someone comes over, it’s a tradition to pop a cork to welcome the guests”.

Julien’s love of great wine and food was further heightened in his early 20’s, after travelling across Europe as a professional motocross athlete.

“Ultimately, I really want to bring more than just products to Australia. I want to bring the full package, show that sharing a bottle of champagne or wine with your favourite people is one of life’s simplest and most satisfying pleasures. Cheering is not only for celebrations…”

Now based in Australia, Julien has turned his energy to introducing a range of premium alcohol beverages to tables across the country. Wine & Only’s aim is to bring high-end and exclusive beverages to Australia. Our range is always growing and carefully selected from the most iconic places in France.

We are very proud to exclusively partner with some of the finest producers out there. We only select beverages that we like and believe in. It is crucial for us that each producer share our vision in order to effectively work together on the long-term.

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